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Humble Scribes are Kevin Wilson and Ronnie Templeman.

Both hail from North Shields, near the mouth of the river Tyne. They started school together at the age of five and have remained friends ever since. It was during their late teens that they first started playing and writing songs together, nurturing dreams to be songwriters for a living. But along came the girls and forced them into slavery where they have remained for 20 + years.

In 2008 they threw off the shackles and started playing and writing again, frequenting Denholm folk club on a regular basis, where they have made many friends . Some of them helping on their first album “In Cahoots”, which is very much a home grown affair with Ben and Katie their children helping out musically, artistically, and as models on the cover of the CD.

 Kev and Ronnie are now in their mid fifties and they are enjoying making music just for fun, and they hope this comes across in the songs.